Riding with a trailer: nuances and fines in 2018 and 2019

  1. Theory of Traffic Regulations
  2. What you need to know the driver?
  3. Penalties for violations

All the nuances and rules when driving a car with a trailer.

To drive a car with a trailer, the total weight of which exceeds 750 kg, the category "E" must be open in the driver’s rights. But this is not the only requirement that is specified in the operating rules of the trailer and tractor.

Theory of Traffic Regulations

According to the traffic rules, it is possible to operate a car with a trailer only under certain conditions:

  • At the request of the traffic police inspector driver must produce documents certifying the right to operate the trailer. These include a driver's license with an open category "E" and registration documents for the trailer. AT MTPL policy must indicate that the car is with a trailer.
  • It is possible to operate the trailer provided that it has license plates.
  • Before leaving, the driver must check the trailer for serviceability. You can install it only if the car has no technical breakdowns.
  • It is not recommended (but not prohibited) to use the trailer on roads with limited visibility.
  • On the trailer should be installed lighting. In this case, the requirement applies only to the dark time of the day. But inspectors can find fault with no lanterns and in the daytime.
  • The trailer, like the cargo in it, should not block the registration plates and light devices.
  • Before leaving, it is recommended to check the quality of connections, tires and the presence of a lubricant on moving parts.

Failure to comply with these rules applies to offenses for which penalties are provided.

What you need to know the driver?

In addition to these rules, the driver must take into account some more information:

  • The trailer increases the braking distance and worsens the acceleration of the car.
  • Can not exceed the maximum speed specified in the technical documents for the trailer and the rules of the road. According to the traffic rules, a car with a trailer should not drive at a speed of more than 90 km / h on the highway and no more than 70 km / h on other roads.
  • The trailer can only be used for its intended purpose. It is impossible to transport people in it, for example.
  • The driver must be extremely careful when rebuilding, turning and maneuvering. If you choose the wrong speed and distance to another car, then avoid a collision will not work.
  • When cornering, you need to take into account that the radius of the wheels of the trailer is much less than that of the car, respectively, the stability is lower.
  • When driving at high speed, the trailer can swing from side to side, especially with heavy traffic.
  • The load should be placed evenly in the trailer so that the load on both sides of the suck is the same.
  • Observance of the specified rules is necessary for safety of movement on the car with the trailer.

Observance of the specified rules is necessary for safety of movement on the car with the trailer

Penalties for violations

Violation of the specified rules of driving with a trailer entails administrative liability and fines:

  • incorrect shipping - 500 rubles under Art. 12.21 of the Administrative Code;

  • the lack of information about the trailer in the policy of CTP - 500 rubles under part 2 of article 12.37 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation;

  • Malfunctions of the trailer or car - 500 rubles under Art. 12.5 Administrative Code;

  • lack of transit numbers on a trailer - in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 12.2, a fine of 5,000 rubles or deprivation of rights is imposed;

  • the absence of an open category "E" in the rights - 5,000 rubles under article 12.7 of the Administrative Code.

In the absence of an open category and insurance of a trailer under OSAGO in the event of an accident, where the cause of the collision was a trailer skid, the driver will have to compensate the injured party from his own pocket.

What you need to know the driver?